Pedigree indicates what the animal should be.
Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be.
But performance indicates what the animal actually is.
-Author Unknown-
We warmly welcome you to the Jacks Wild, home of versatile Parson Russell Terriers.  Bred to go to ground and bolt the fox so the hunt might continue, the Parson Russell Terrier, also known as the Jack Russell Terrier, is a hearty working terrier of high intelligence and incredible athleticism with a tireless work ethic and an enthusiasm for life and adventure seldom rivaled.  Though the breed finds its origins in the English Fox Hunts, its adaptability has made it a popular and versatile working terrier still utilized in the hunting of not only fox around the world but raccoon, possum, groundhog, marmot, badger, and more.  The same traits which have made the PRT an exceptional hunting companion have also made it an ideal candidate for canine performance sports and activities where it proves time and time again to be a formidable competitor.  All the while, the breed is a wonderful companion for the dedicated and experienced family.

Form, Function and Temperament
At the Jacks Wild we focus on the concept of the total dog, that is one that is equally comfortable in the field, show ring, sporting arena as well as in the home by the fire.  We actively participate in a wide variety of sports and activities with our terriers such as agility, carting, earthdog/go to ground, flyball, packing, racing, tracking, weight pull, nosework, and dock jumping. Our dogs are enthusiastic competitors and in addition to collectively earning over 300 titles and awards since 2000, they have garnered the following national awards:


  • 2004 National Award of Excellence, United Kennel Club - Kendrik
  • 2005 Fastest Singles of Breed, United Flyball League Inernational - Penelope
  • 2007 Versatile Dog of the Year, PRTAA - Emma
  • 2009 & 2010 Top Dog in Breed, Splash Dogs Dock Jumping - Pookie
  • 2011 Top Dog in Breed, Splash Dogs Dock Jumping - Smokey
  • 2011 Fastest Singles of Breed, United Flyball League Inernational - Drew
  • 2011 Earthdog Hall of Fame, PRTAA - Emma
  • 2011 Versatile Breeder of the Year, PRTAA - The Jacks Wild
  • 2012 Top Dog in Breed, Splash Dogs Dock Jumping - Smokey
  • 2012 PRTAA National Specialty, High Point Rally Obedience - Emma 
  • 2012 Versatile Dog of the Year, PRTAA - Smokey
  • 2012 Earthdog of the Year, PRTAA - Comet
  • 2012 Versatile Breeder of the Year, PRTAA
  • 2013 Top Dog in Breed, Splash Dogs Dock Jumping - Smokey
  • 2013 Lap Dog Super Vertical National Champion - Smokey
These dogs are more than skilled sport dogs, they are also working dogs. While our high desert home in Northern Nevada does not  always lend itself easy to traditional earthwork, our terriers are hunted often to native quarry.  In our efforts to help preserve and protect this very unique breed not only understanding earthwork but being able to capably work our own terriers is of the utmost importance.  But while titles are nice and awards are great, if we’re not having fun, we’re not doing it right.  Our terriers are first and foremost our companions and as such our motto is truly, “Work hard, play harder.”

Sportsmanship, Stewardship and Team Work
We are active, working members of clubs such as the Parson Russell Terrier Association of America and our own RF Revolution Dogs Sports as well as breed rescue.  We also offer positive dog training opportunities in carting, weight pull, earthdog/go to ground, packing, basic obedience and flyball in and around Reno, NV.  Above all, we are always available to answer questions, provide referrals, and just talk terrier. We hope you will enjoy getting to know us, our dogs, and the breed a little better.

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Featured Athlete

Kellen's Ray of Sunshine
Fastest Time:  4.2s - Best Jump:  14'5"

Loved by Stacie Popejoy
Madera, California

Jacks Wild Travel the Galaxy CGC BPS ME RN CG RATI RAS VDX
Lure Course Champion
Go to Ground Champion

Loved by Greg & Carol Snee
Red Rock, Nevada